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Electronic mail commonly referred to as email is the oldest digital marketing methodologies that is widely adopted communication tool to exchange messages effectively with anybody anywhere in the world. After a year’s in-depth research and development we have finally integrated one of the best bulk email sending platform hooked with the same platform where your favourite SMS and Voice Call Service functions. With our bulk email platform you can import more than 100000 mail ids in excel file , with JPG/PDF attachments along with matter. And Fastest delivery with our Gmail SMTP Server with 90% Inbox delivery Assured.

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Marketing reports are one of the most important ways to provide the transparency necessary for executive management and sales teams to feel confident in your marketing process. It’s also an important way to ensure sales and marketing are working together to accomplish collective goals. Once you’ve incorporated a monthly marketing report into your workflow, you’ll begin to appreciate the extra analysis of your marketing efforts and the transparency it provides your entire company.

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