Customers FAQ’s

Customers FAQ’s

  • How do I set up a bulk SMS campaign?

    Our systems allow you to import your list of numbers easily. Once the numbers are imported you can save them as a distribution list and choose to send to them straight away or schedule a message for delivery at a certain time/date.

  • Can I change the originator for messages I send?

    Yes, you can set the originator of outgoing messages from your sms2email account. When logged into your account, on the green menu click "setup >> set message originator".
    You can set the originator to be a "normal" mobile by entering the number as "447xxxxxxxxx" - when your message is received it will be treated as if it were sent from a mobile of that number. Mobile originators can be up to 16 characters in length.
    Alternatively, you can set the originator to alphanumeric characters, such as your name or the name of your business. Alpha-numeric originators are restricted to 11 characters.

  • How do I enable voicemail detection?

    Use option amd=1 to attempt to do voicemail detection. Please be aware that this may not work with all voicemail systems.

  • What is SMS?

    SMS stands for Short Message Service, and refers to the sending of short text messages from one device to another; in most cases from one mobile phone to another. The size of an SMS text message is restricted to 160 characters.

  • Are there any contracts or commitments with Messenger?

    There are no contracts involved in running a Messenger account - it all works on a pay as you go basis, so you can send text messages with no hassle. If you purchase any inbound systems they have a minimum term of one month which is renewable.

  • We are working on a specific type of WAP service. How can we work together?

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