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Bulk voice calls is an online service that allows you to create, send and deliver a pre-recorded message to your customers via their mobile or landline, it is very easy to create your own voice message sent to the audience which can help to calls unlimited numbers in just one go. It also helps grow your business and service rapidly and build a good relationship with your customer.

With Bulk Voice Messages you can send out customized voice-calls to your customer's mobile or landline. Our service makes it easy for you to reach your audience's fast, and helps to share your notification, information about business or service. We provide an online panel where you can upload excel sheet of numbers along with matter.

  • Send 30 seconds of MP3 recording which will be played when the customer receives the call.
  • Delivery Assurance is 90% on NON DND Numbers.
  • Delivery Timing is 2-3 hours.
  • Sender number will be 10 digit Indian numbers.
  • Pay for Delivered Calls.
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